Check out the FAFSA completion data through December 2, 2016. We had another strong week!  Over 20% of all MSD seniors have already filed their FAFSA - That is outstanding!

CHS maintains their lead with a very impressive 26.17% completion rate.  MST holds steady in second place with a 21.15% completion rate.  MHS logged the most completers again this week (9!) and is nipping at MST's heels with a 19.45% completion rate.  WHS added 4 additional completers this week which brings them up to an 11/18% completion rate.

Our first ManchFAF$A Extravaganza was a success!  We met with 15 people and filed 8 FAFSA.  A HUGE thank you to Sharon Eaton from UNH-M, CHS FAFSA Advisors Jamanae and Syeda, CHS Alum Catherine Burnes and the Manchester Boys and Girls Club for making the event possible!  Also, thank you to the guidance staff for promoting the event - we had 3 parents attend at the suggestion of their child's guidance counselor!

I will be delivering the November prizes to WHS and MHS this week.  December prizes are Beats EP Headphones and a $50 Panera Gift Card.

Keep up the good work!